The Big Cheese

When your friends call you a cheeseball, you don't get offended. Instead, you think, "Mmmmmm. Cheese."

We understand — we have yet to meet a dairy product we didn't like, and the Grindstone Neck "Betta than Chedda" that our friend Melissa brought to dinner last night is no exception.

Made by the folks who run Grindstone Neck Smokehouse in Winter Harbor, this cheese blows other spreads out of the water. It's a tangy blend of cheddar, cream cheese, herbs and spices and it's phenomenal on melba toast. In fact, it would be good on pretty much anything, including a spoon.

Though the company has a Web site, you won't find the cheese on there. But you can find it at State Street Wine Cellar in Bangor.

So go buy it and try it, cheeseball.


Pink Granite said...

Grindstone Neck is wonderful!
We love their smoked mussels.
They also have a salmon cream cheese spread.
Thanks for featuring them!
- Lee

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