Gardeners' Edens

Admit it: You're kind of a hoe.

Not that kind of a ho. We're talking the garden variety. You never met a greenhouse you didn't like. Especially this time of year, when things are gray and dreary. You usually love living in Maine, but things get dicey in March. We get it. So get out and find some green space. You hoe.

Here are a few suggestions — we'd would love to hear yours...

• Greencare Interior Plantscapes, 1779 Hammond St. (Route 2), Hermon
This place is like a warm, humid oasis in the middle of, well, nowhere really. Owner Mary Lou Hutchins and her crew do an amazing job. Though they're known for their orchids and bromeliads (pictured above), they also make a mean terrarium — and they'll show you how, too. Can't wait to get your hands dirty? Sign up for one of their gardening classes.

• Brambles, 69 Main St., Belfast
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Talk about great taste — this adorable shop in the heart of downtown Belfast looks like it was styled by Martha Stewart's minions. The combination of beautifully potted houseplants, outdoor bulbs, elegant home decor and higher-end garden implements makes this a must-visit for green thumbs in the area.

• Allen, Sterling and Lothrup, 191 U.S. Route 1, Falmouth
You never know what you're going to find when you visit this garden center — one of our favorites in Maine. But this time of year, most people head there with one thing in mind: seeds. Saunter up to the old-fashioned seed counter and stock up on packets or in bulk. While you're there, check out the selection of garden accessories, which is best described as "curated." We love this place.

• Fiachre, 426 Fore St., Portland
Yes, this store, named for the patron saint of gardening, has plenty of garden implements and statuary. We adore the urns full of bulbs ready for forcing. But this time of year, the allure of fine imported soaps and bath products is equally appealing. Regardless of why you visit, one thing's certain: you'll leave feeling like you've had a taste of spring.


Curtis Picard said...

Skillins in my neck of the woods and Longfellow's in Manchester are awesome as well. We always end up overspending on that sunny Saturday in April / May.

Kristen Andresen Lainsbury said...

Good call, Curtis — LOVE Longfellow's!

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