Bloggers We Love: Sharon Kitchens

A long, long, time ago, back when The Maven was a newspaper reporter, she was contacted by a persistent-yet-sweet PR gal named Sharon Kitchens.

Sharon had previously worked in PR and events at Miramax Films. Looking for a change of pace, she had recently arrived in Maine and was making quite a splash on the midcoast. In other words, she had all the best clients — or the most interesting clients, at least: people who, until that point, never really did much with PR. Now, us newsies are taught to keep PR types at arm's length, but Sharon was so likeable that it was impossible not to become friends with her.

Today, many years later, Sharon splits her time between Boston and Cape Elizabeth, and she still has all the best clients. But she has another thing going, as well: Delicious Musings. Her food-centric blog details everything from excellent meals with her foodie friends to great recipes to movies and great lifestyle finds from all over the country.

Unlike other PR blogs, Delicious Musings goes well beyond raves about Sharon's clients at SK Public Relations (although she does, from time to time, highlight a great meal at, say, Hartstone Inn). She has excellent taste, and trust us, it's a delicious read.


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