The First Supper

It's a common question among foodies: if you had to choose your last meal on earth, what would it be and why?

Lately, The Maven has been turning that question on its head. Because she's pregnant and chooses to err on the side of caution, she's been avoiding many of her favorite foods — sushi, soft cheeses, rare meats, cured meats, smoked meats, cold cuts, runny eggs, red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, beer, coffee. After nine months of diet restrictions, we're asking: what would the first meal — post-delivery — be?

Most likely, it will involve some sort of gluey tapioca pudding from the Eastern Maine Medical Center cafeteria, but a girl can dream, right?

So if The Maven had to choose her first meal outside the hospital, here's what it would be (OK, so it's more like a day of meals):

We'd start at Ampersand in Orono with the largest caffeinated iced coffee possible. We'd need to take this to-go, because the next stop would be Slates in Hallowell for smoked shrimp Benedict and whatever the mimosa of the day is. Actually, make that two.

Lunch is a real toss-up. The crappy eater in The Maven wants nothing more than two hot dogs with sauerkraut, mustard and celery salt — and since we'd be in Hallowell anyway, Bolley's Famous Franks would certainly do the trick. And yes, we want fries with that. And some sort of caffeinated soda. But the more refined diner in The Maven would choose the filet mignon sandwich from The Grill Room in Portland. Super-rare. As in, "just walk the cow past the oven, please." Oh, and we'd get a side of greens, too. From there, we'd walk down to Novare Res for happy hour and indulge in whatever is on tap that day.

At this point, we'd be beyond stuffed, but since we've been eating for two lately, that probably won't matter. Dinner is also a toss-up: do we choose a sushi smorgasbord at Yosaku (mmmmm... tuna rolls)? Do we drive up to Rockland and order prosciutto-stuffed cherry peppers, a meat and cheese platter and whatever is good by the glass at In Good Company? Or do we stop by a local market and grab Appleton Creamery's oil-packed goat cheese or their superb interpretation of Humboldt Fog, a slab of smoked salmon from Grindstone Neck and a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate the arrival of the Little Lainsbury?

No matter what we choose, one thing's for certain — we're about to be role models, and we've got to teach the little guy the finer points of eating from the get-go. Fortunately, that's easy to do in Maine.

So, readers: If you had to choose your last (or first) meal in Maine, what would it be and why? Let us know by posting below.


MarketingGal said...

My husband & I love the EMMC cafeteria :) We had our baby over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2005. We ended up eating the meal in my hospital room--turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes w/ gravy and pumpkin pie for dessert. We still giggle over the fact that even though we love our family it was nice to have a simple Thanksgiving dinner and no dishes to take care of after.
Best wishes Kristen and Mr. Maven. Congratulations!! Rebecca

Paul said...

The Ampersand coffee is indeed quite good. And, living within a 2 minute walk of it, I get to have some any time they're open :)

Kristen Andresen Lainsbury said...

Thanks, Rebecca! I have a feeling I'll be grateful for just about any meal after all that hard work!


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