The Art of Accessorizing

Since accessories are about the only thing that fit these days, we've become a little obsessed with jewelry. And one of our favorite new discoveries is Andree Delapalyee Brown, a New York artisan who spends the warmer months in her studio on Islesboro. Her work is, in a word, stunning.

Take, for instance, the honed sterling links that she combines to create elegant-yet-bold chains. Or her delicate flower earrings in gold vermeil. Though her work is cast, everything she touches has a sculptural, hand-hewn feel to it — due in no small part to the fact that she trained as a sculptor at RISD.

It's no surprise that her work is popular with news anchors, actors and performers. But you don't need to be famous (or rich) to get in on the action. Her earrings are especially affordable, and you can find them online at Andree's Web site or at Archipelago in Rockland.

They're always in good taste. And they always fit.


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