15 Minutes of Food Fame

So, Monday was Maine night for food TV lovers.

Anthony Bourdain's highly anticipated "No Reservations" visit to the Pine Tree State aired on the Travel Channel, and Food Network's "Unwrapped" visited Simply Divine Brownies and Gifford's ice cream.

Unfortunately, we missed all of it. But here's what we heard: Tony was a little snarky about Portland. He loved Conte's (who doesn't?) and according to his blog, the closer he got to the hometown of his cameraman Zach Zamboni (a UMaine alum from Milo), the better the trip was.

Thank you, Tony, for embracing the fact that there is life north of Augusta. Thank you, also, for not talking about beaver chili like it's the official state dish. Andrew Zimmern did, and we're still a little freaked out about it. Has anyone you know ever eaten beaver chili?

We haven't heard much about "Unwrapped," but frankly, what is there to say other than "yum"?

Did you tune in? And, if so, what did you think? Tell us below.

Bourdain will rerun at 10 p.m. Sunday (for details and clips, click here); For more on "Unwrapped," click here.


Riverside Jewelry Designs said...

I loved the whole episode! Anthony was only snarky about one restaurant really. And to be quite frank, the owner seemed like he had better things he could be doing. I thought he captured the essence of Maine beautifully, and his cameraman had wonderful, poetic things to say about Mainers as a people! My husband and I loved it!

Leecia Price said...


Thank you for reminding us about the show but according to their site it will be shown at 10 am, not 10 pm on the 18th.

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