Cut And Paste

Remember when you were a teenager and you used to clip out fashion ads, funny sayings and photos of hot guys (or gals) out of magazines and plaster them on your bedroom walls? So does Samantha, a Maine native and creator of Magazine Street Designs, one of the coolest collage-makers we've found.

Growing up on the coast of Maine, she turned her room into one big collage. Then she moved on to a desk. Today, she's a college student (or is that collage student) at Loyola University in New Orleans. For fun and profit, she sells eyeglass cases, totes, dishes and — our favorite — shoes bedecked with cheeky phrases and bold images.

The Maven is DYING for a pair. And if you are too (you know you want a pair) Samantha does custom work, so you'll be sure to get just the right thing. That Jon Hamm photo on your bulletin board needs a home, doesn't it?

For more information, visit the Magazine Street Designs Web site.


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