Shopping Trip: Bella Luna in Bangor

It was so cold last weekend that the only thing that could make us leave the house would be an act of God. Or an act of shopping.

But family was in town and what better way to spend an afternoon with Mom and sis than hitting the local shops? One of the highlights, as always, was Bella Luna, the chic, affordable women's boutique in downtown Bangor.

It's been a while since we've written about Bella Luna, but it's worth another look. Owner Heather van Frankenhuyzen has a great eye — she carries small labels, mid-range designer denim and the work of many local clothing and jewelry designers. And her new little helper, toddler Noorah, couldn't be cuter.

Unlike the big box stores, Bella Luna specializes in friendly, personalized service. Heather knows many of her customers by name, and she can take one look at you and tell you what's going to work and — more important — what isn't.

We were there for an hour — sis had a gift certificate and she tried on everything from flowing sweaters to gold go-go boots. During that time, women of all ages poured in, trying on skinny jeans and trousers, night-out tops and special occasion dresses, and spending lots of time by the clearance rack. If you go, try to get there this week — there's a huge sale going on — jeans, pashminas and scarves are 20 percent off; hats, gloves and jewelry are 25 percent off; coats are 30 percent off (and the coats are gorgeous); and bags are anywhere from 20 percent to 50 percent off.

It's no wonder this is our favorite women's shop in Bangor. All we needed was a little reminder.

Bella Luna is located at 48 Main St. in Bangor. For information, call (207) 941-0950.


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