Off The Wagon

Hi, my name's The Maven and I'm an Angelaholic.

Might as well call it what it is: this addiction to Angela Adams bags is that bad. It started innocently enough, in the early 2000s, with a retro canvas handbag bought on clearance at her Portland flagship. Next it was wool and patent leather, then a mailbag, later, a handprinted linen tote. But that was all recreational bag use.

The new leather collection is serious stuff.

Think soft, vegetable-tanned Italian leather in understated black, brown and green (or night, earth and sprout, in Angela-speak). The line isn't huge — just clutches and wallets for now — but it's enough. Plus, they're made by hand in New England.

What a wonderful way to fall off the wagon, and this week's 20 percent off sale (enter "SWEET" at checkout) makes it even better.

Looks like it's time to join AA (that would be Angela Adams). Again.

For more information, click here.


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