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Think print is dead? Bull Moose may change your mind.

Yes, Bull Moose. Yesterday, we had the chance to check out the Maine-based record chain's expanded store in Bangor. The reason for the expansion? Thousands and thousands of books, most of which are 35 percent off retail. The official opening is Saturday, but you might want to check it out early.

As owner Brent Wickard said in a release, “We want to prove that a local business can outcompete the big boxes and the web stores. And we’re going to carry a wide variety of books that appeal to everybody — we’ll have books for young readers, older readers and everyone in between.”

While the place isn't as expansive as your average Borders or Barnes & Noble, the selection is admirable, as are the Amazon-style prices. Genres run the gamut from current best-sellers to niche health books, and starting in March, the store will accept used books for sale. The CD, vinyl and DVD portion of the store is still going strong, and though it took a few minutes to adjust to the layout change, we were able to find everything we needed and then some.

It is quite a change — the incense smell is gone, and so is the small-record-store vibe. But despite the understated wooden shelves and polished concrete floor, a few things have remained the same: great customer service, local ownership and the best music selection around. 

Long live print. And long live Bull Moose.

Bull Moose is located at 683 Hogan Road in Bangor. For more information, visit


Falbert said...

Also recommended as good places to shop for books in Bangor:

Book Marc's
Independant bookseller, mostly new and local, some used.

Lippincott Books
Eclectic collection of used books, large selection.

Sarah's Books
32 Second Street (Second Floor)
Smaller, but rarer assortment of books esp. Maine, literature, and travel

Pro Libris
10 3rd Street
Huge selection of current used books. Great for the voracious reader.
( my personal fave )

Chris said...

Thanks for the great write-up and for all you do to promote local culture.

Renee said...

We'll be going this weekend to check it out - thanks for the tip!

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