Condiment Sense

He're at The Maven, we're all about safe snacks. Our advice? Use a condiment.

Not your thing? Maybe the offerings from Northwoods Gourmet Girl will change your mind. Abby Freethy, a CIA-trained chef, caterer and restaurateur, creates these upscale, beautifully packaged products in Greenville.

We're especially fond of her Country Ketchup — if you haven't tried homemade ketchup, you are SO missing out — and Jalapeno Relish, but Freethy is known far and wide for her Caramelized Balsamic Onions. She also makes sweet preserves, such as blueberry, raspberry and blackberry jam, but we're sticking with the savory stuff.

It's just what we need to protect ourselves from boring burgers and sub-par sandwiches. Hey, better safe (and tasty) than sorry, right?

Northwoods Gourmet Girl products are available by calling (207) 570-8112. To view the full line of products or to learn more about Freethy's catering services visit Northwoods Gourmet Girl's Web site


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