The Light Fantastic

You never know what you're going to find at Marden's.

Sometimes — like in the case of the tattoo-over-butt-crack that we spotted on Saturday while waiting in line — that's not such a good thing. Especially when the tattoo says, "Nana."

But usually — like when we bought our $250 couch and then saw the same one in a design mag for about $1,000 more — it's a wonderful thing.

Another wonderful thing is the new lighting boutique at the Lewiston store, although "boutique" isn't quite the right word. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of lights on display, ranging from ridiculously inexpensive fixtures from Lowes to very high-end chandeliers from Quoizel, several of which we considered paying full price for while remodeling.

Some of them (such as the pictured model) are so gaudy and huge they'd only look good in a restaurant, function hall, McMansion or rock-star estate, but there's something for everyone — from classic bell-jar lanterns to modern freestanding lamps.

If you go, be sure to leave enough time to look at everything — at Marden's, the thrill is in the hunt. Just be careful where you look.

For updates about new stock in the lighting store, visit Marden's Lewiston blog. To learn more about shipments at a store near you, visit the Marden's Web site.


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