Tall, Dark and Steamy

We like our sipping chocolate like we like our truffles: dark, not too sweet, and adventursome.  Eatch batch is made carefully by hand and subtly spiced with cinnamon, Ancho chile and cardamom. Take a trip, with each steaming sip, as you sit by the fire--or quench your craving by sipping it iced and deliciously frothy.  Each bag makes 12 generous cups.  Slow cooking instructions included.

We apologize for the late posting this morning, but The Maven had a storm day at her day job and decided to take advantage of the situation by sleeping in. Way in.

Better chocolate than never ...

After the holidays, we know you're probably completely sweeted out. At our house, we can't even keep up with all the truffles, cookies, candies and baked goods. But days like today call for a big, steamy mug of hot chocolate. And every time we utter the word "chocolate," our thoughts turn to Black Dinah Chocolatiers of Isle Au Haut.

On this tiny, gorgeous island off Stonington, Kate and Steve Shaffer create incredibly sophisticated truffles, caramels, barks and molded chocolates. This season, they introduced sipping chocolates to the mix and the result is equally intriguing. As they say, "We like our sipping chocolate like we like our truffles: dark, not too sweet, and adventursome."

By "adventursome," they mean that they add delicate notes of cinnamon, ancho chile and cardamom to the mix. Swiss Miss it ain't. But if you're looking for something a little more grown-up, buy a bag. You'll be glad you did, especially on a snowy day like today.

Black Dinah Chocolatiers products are available at Archipelago, The Wine Seller and In Good Company in Rockland; the Blue Hill Co-Op and Fairwinds Florist in Blue Hill; The Cave in Brooklin; Turtle Gallery in Deer Isle; RAYR Wines in Rockport; and Lily's Cafe and The Seasons of Stonington. For online ordering information, click here.


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