The Dog's Pajamas

Ever since Christmas Day, The Maven has been lounging around the house, wearing thick fleece pajama pants that are about four sizes too big. They are red. They are cozy. And they have a dog-and-bone pattern all over them.

She has taken them off exactly twice — once because company was coming over for dinner and once because she needed to leave the house. All day-after-Christmas-with-the-in-laws photos feature said pants. In fact, The Maven is wearing them as she writes this.

They are called Grandma Pants. And they are the best. The Maven's parents found them at Renys — one pair for her, one pair for her sister.

These pants are not even a little bit sexy — to be honest, they're the fashion equivalent of a Slanket or a Snuggie. Only better. Because you have to take a Slanket off when you get off the couch to make breakfast. You can leave these on for most things, except going to the bathroom and, if you're so inclined, leaving the house.

Because they were a gift, we have no idea how much they cost. But whatever it is, they're worth it. Although they're not from Maine, per se, (the company is based in Minnesota, where it's even colder than it is here), you can buy them at Renys, so that counts for something. We're thinking of going back for more. And you should, too.

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Falbert said...

Found a great pair of thick, warm, cotton sweat pants for myself, this Christmas, at Marden's.

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