Maine Wedding Vendors: Road Trip to Creativity

Working in the wedding industry can be a tricky thing. For starters, there's a lot riding on one day. All of the people involved — from the bride to the mother-in-law-to-be — are highly emotional. And everyone has an opinion on how things should look, what should be on the menu, and whether or not turquoise and lemon yellow centerpieces are really the way to go.

For those in the business, it's always a compromise between their vision and that of the bride. But what would happen if, for one day, the vendors could do whatever they wanted, without worrying about budget, taste, weather or other constraints? Well, photographer Brea McDonald (pictured at left), wedding designer and planner Meagan Gilpatrick (pictured at right) of Maine Seasons Events and watercolor stationery artist Sara Fitzgerald O’Brien (pictured center) of Griffin-vites decided to find out.

With the aim of capturing all four seasons in Maine — and showing off their talents without anyone else calling the shots — the women started in spring with a strawberry-themed "wedding reception" staged in Gilpatrick's back yard. For the autumn scene, they packed up a restored 1968 Shasta Astroflyte camper and hit the road. Their destination? Clark's Cove Farm in Walpole, which boasts a scenic apple orchard and all sorts of pastoral beauty.

According to McDonald, it was a great networking opportunity that allowed the vendors to show off their best work — and the best of Maine. Videographer Sara McCormick shot the fall scene and will create a promotional piece, as well. It's likely the resulting images will wind up in The Knot or some other national publication, but the slideshow below will give you a sneak peek. For more photos, visit Brea McDonald's blog.

All photos below courtesy of Brea McDonald.


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