Babbidge Patch hats — Geek Chic

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... you totally wished you were Luke Skywalker. Or Princess Leia (what gal wouldn't want braided buns on each side of her head?). For a while, you begged Mom for a light saber, but all you ever got was a lousy Chewbacca action figure (and, really, what kind of action was Chewy ever involved in?)

You're over it now. Really. But three decades later, you can still live the dream thanks to Babbidge Patch, owned by Cathy Costa of Falmouth. By day, Costa works as a biologist. For fun, she creates the most adorable hand- and machine-knitted items, including this R2-D2 hat crafted from cotton and available in men's and children's sizes.

Costa's designs have been featured in national knitting and crochet magazines and in 1991, Down East Books published "Puffins and Pine Trees," which is full of Maine-inspired machine-knitting designs. Though you'll find plenty of those on her Etsy shop (the lobster boats are particularly cute), we're still smitten with our old friend R2-D2.

The design is out of this world.

For more information or to order Cathy Costa's work, visit the Babbidge Patch Web site.


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