Weather Or Not

It's raining. It's pouring. This weather sure is boring.

You thought you'd go to the fireworks this weekend. Maybe light a few sparklers. Go sailing. Head to camp. Sit out on the deck and have a barbecue. But instead, you're stuck inside, searching in vain for the perfect raincoat.

The search is over, and we wish we could say the same for the rain.

Though we've loved the company's waterproof Raincoat Cotton totes for some time, we had no idea Au Inc. (Accessories Unlimited) of Westbrook makes actual raincoats out of the same fabric. Of course, they're absolutely adorable. The coats aren't available on Au's Web site, but can be found at dll Rainwear. The pictured style costs $125 and is also available in pink — click here to order. And these coats have also been spotted at Au's Freeport store (58 Main St., 207.865.7020).

We can't guarantee they'll make the weather any better, but we will say this: They'll be a bright spot in yet another gray, dreary day.


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