How Sweet It Is

Looking for the best sandwich in Maine?

We think we've found it: the Uncle Paul from Sweets & Meats Market in Rockland.

Julia McClure opened this gorgeous little gourmet shop a few weeks ago, and it is absolutely perfect. The selection is small and well-edited, the provisions are beautifully displayed, the space is to die for and the baked goods are enough to convert even the staunchest anti-sweet-tooth.

But let's get back to the sandwich.

Uncle Paul is a hunk of not-at-all-good-for-you goodness — and we like it that way. The sandwich features spicy, succulent, thinly sliced tasso ham, piled high with cumin gouda, fresh lettuce, tomato, housemade chipotle mayo and served on ciabatta. It's messy and delicious and we're quite sure you'll relish every bite.

Not your style? You can also try the Maggi Blue (pate, brie, mustard, lettuce); the Italian (prosciutto, pecorino, roasted tomatoes, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar); a BLT; or the Plain Jane (turkey or ham, lettuce, tomato). The daily specials — a vegan with veggie terrine, for example — look great, too.

Finish it up with a sea salt caramel from Nutmeg chocolates and you'll be good to go. Until about 11 a.m. tomorrow, when you'll start craving tasso ham and cumin gouda again.

Sweets & Meats Market is located at 218 Main St. (South Main Street) in Rockland. Call 207.594.2070 for directions or visit Sweets & Meats online.


Lisa Foster, @xmainer1 said...

Sounds delectable. I'd like to put in a vote for Big G's Deli in Winslow, Maine which(IMHO)makes the most delicious, amazing sandwiches on the planet. The list is long & the sandwich names amusing, and they bake their own bread. So...if you're up around the Waterville area, I highly recommend Big G's. Oh, Big G makes killer breakfasts too. No one leaves hungry!

Samantha Warren Weddings said...

I'll definitely have to check them out! One of my biggest frustrations in Maine is finding a real Italian sandwich. I know some people in Maine say the Italian sandwich was invented here, but a ham hoagie is not an Italian. Sounds like Sweets and Meets may be a place to continue my quest.

Sara said...

It's good to have a gourmet store in Rockland again, since Sage Market left. On the sandwich front, though, I still lean toward Sage (now in Camden) - they make the same Italian and the tasso-based sandwich (they call it the Cajun), and have a bigger menu to choose from. Still, it's good to be able to get my fix closer to home at the S&M!

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