All You Need Is A Love Bottle

You're the portrait of healthy living.

You exercise. Won't touch high-fructose corn syrup. Never have more than two glasses of wine a night — red, natch. Drink eight glasses of water a day, every day.

Then you read that your trusty — and environmentally friendly — water bottle may be leaching bisphenol A into your water.

HATE that.

But here's something to love: The Love Bottle. Made of glass with a ceramic top (think Grolsch bottle), these reusable drinking vessels are way prettier than their plastic counterparts and completely customizable — they're designed to be adorned with markers. And if you're clumsy, you can also buy a padded sleeve to put it in.

In Maine, you can find them at one of our favorite shops, The Cherished Home in Belfast, owned by Genie Francis (Laura of "General Hospital's" famed duo Luke and Laura). Buyer Kim Pitula picked them up after her daughter, who works for Hollywood royalty, told her they were all the rage in L.A. Now, they can be all the rage in L/A. Or Camden. Or Portland.

Even better, you won't need to worry about anything cutting into your healthy lifestyle.

LOVE that.

The Love Bottle costs $14-$18 and is available at The Cherished Home, 31 Searsport Ave, Belfast (207.338.4111). For information about The Cherished Home, click here.


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