What A Wreck

If you're the type of coffee drinker who thinks, "any pot in a storm," stop reading now. And no, that wasn't a typo.

You know who you are, sipping Folger's when you think nobody is looking. Hording Chock Full O' Nuts when it's on sale like you're a squrrel. Cutting your gourmet beans with a little Bokar Blend.

We should thank you, though, because people like you are the reason why small-batch coffee roasters keep popping up in Maine. And most of them are pretty good. Among our favorites is the relatively little-known Shipwreck Coffee Co.

Bernie and Laura Huckestein of Veazie, Maine, started roasting a few years back. The name was inspired by Maine's rocky shoreline, even if the roastery is an hour inland. Their smooth-drinking, complex blends are a favorite among locals, who find Shipwreck at the European Farmers Market at Sunnyside Greenhouse in Bangor and Bangor Wine & Cheese, to name a few. But if you live outside the Bangor area and like a strong cuppa, splurge and order a pound of Mariner's Peril online. It's worth every penny of the $10.50 per pound price tag and whatever shipping charges you may pay. Yes, you could buy three cans of Maxwell House with that money, but what would be the point?

Trust us, Mariner's Peril is an eye-opener — and a tasty one, at that — even if you're a real wreck in the morning.

For more information or to order Shipwreck Coffee, click here.


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