Outward Hound

A dog in the woods is worth two in the house.

Especially if that dog laps up a vernal pool, rolls around in a mud puddle and then tries to flop down on your couch — after snagging a snack off the counter. But not every dog is a terror, and as Unity-based author Kathryn Miles proves in "Adventures With Ari: A Puppy, a Leash and Our Year Outdoors," our canine companions can give us a new appreciation for the natural world.

An environmental writer and professor at Unity College, Miles is no stranger to the outdoors. But it wasn't until she started seeing the world around her from a dog's-eye view that she truly became attuned to the sights, sounds and smells we humans so often overlook.

It took a puppy, a husky-jindo mix named Bung Ari Jan Gab — Ari for short — to change her perspective. "Adventures With Ari" starts in the springtime, as Miles and Ari embark on a yearlong experiment. They will become "canine naturalists," and as they roam the wilderness surrounding their home, Miles discovers a newfound sense of freedom. (Ari might have, as well, but if she did, she's not talking).

This book is a must for dog lovers and nature lovers. Just keep it off the counter — you never know what your dog might try to chew on next.

"Adventures With Ari" is published by Skyhorse Publishing, a division of W.W. Norton, and is available wherever books are sold. To read Kathryn Miles' blog, click here.


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