A Glass Act

These days, everyone is a glass artist. It seems like every time you turn around at a craft fair, gift shop or gallery, you see fused glass jewelry. It's pretty and sparkly and relatively inexpensive. And it bores you to tears.

If you love glass and hate that it's all starting to look the same, we recommend a visit to Atlantic Art Glass, the Ellsworth-based studio of Linda and Ken Perrin. Ken makes glistening, swirling "tide pool" sculptures and Linda is known for her kinetic vases. But when we visit Atlantic Art Glass, their Ellsworth-based studio, we can't help ourselves. We head straight to the jewelry.

Made from long, hand-pulled canes, cut and honed so they look like a cross between sea glass and old-fashioned cut rock candy, the beads at Atlantic Art Glass are unlike anything we've seen. They look good enough to eat. And they're so pretty you'll be tempted not to wear them, but you should. Whether you wear a bold pendant or a pair of understated earrings, strangers will stop you to ask where you bought them.

When was the last time that happened?

Atlantic Art Glass jewelry is available online or directly from the studio, at 25 Pine St. in Ellsworth (207.664.0222); or at SevenArts Gallery, 192 Main St. in Ellsworth. We recommend a visit and studio tour, during which you can watch Ken and Linda at work. Also, check out their Atlantic Art Glass blog, on which you can read about a recent collaboration with students from College of the Atlantic, or their Fresh Glass blog, on which you can see the Perrins' newest work.


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