Out and A Bout

Looking for weekend plans? Roll with it.

We're completely intrigued with the Maine Roller Derby, which has a bout (that's a game, for the uninitiated) starting at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Expo in Portland. And why wouldn't we be? There's something badass about a group of hard-rollin', fast-skatin' women — their words, not ours — railing on one another while wearing roller skates, short skirts and fishnets. OK, they don't all dress like that, but they do have names like The Mom Bomb, Punchy O'Guts and Killer Quick. We love it, and it kinda makes the Maven wish she were a bit more coordinated.

Inspired by the A&E reality show Rollergirls, the ladies of MRD started wheeling and dealing in 2006. They've been kicking ass, taking names and winning bouts ever since. What started with 20 founders has grown to about 40 women and two teams, the MRD Port Authorities and the Calamity Janes. They skate on a flat track, which is both economical and physically challenging, and they're skater-owned and -operated, making each bout a true Maine event.

Oh, and unlike professional wrestling, MRD is the real deal. Or the wheel deal as the case may be.

For more information about MRD in general or this weekend's bout — the Calamity Janes vs. Northeast Ohio's Rock N' Roller Girls, click here. Doors open and band starts playing at 5; bout starts at 6. If you're interested in playing, e-mail TheMomBomb@mainerollerderby.com. Want to volunteer? e-mail PunchyOGuts@mainerollerderby.com. Image above copyright Brian Seekins Photography.


Punchy said...

Hello Maven! Thanks for writing about us! We love our fans and hope everyone can make it out this weekend - or to the next bouts this May 2, May 23 and June 13.

Thanks again and see you at the bout!


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