Bag It Up

You just left Hannaford. Or Shaw's. Or the IGA (yes, in Maine, we still have those).

You're all alone, and unless you're a freak, you're not about to toss the shopping cart in the back of the family wagon. But you bought enough groceries to feed an army, and those plastic bags can be a real pain in the ... hands.

Times like these call for The Baggler. Created by Mark Eichenbaum of Augusta, this nifty little gadget — which consists of three sturdy hooks attached to a soft grip —will help you handle everything. Literally.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother — or grandmother, as the case may be — of invention, and The Baggler is no exception. Shopping for his elderly grandma and his five kids left Mark with tangled handles and sore hands. He knew there had to be a better way, so he sat down and sketched out a solution to the problem — a solution that would eventually make its way into stores worldwide. He has since added reusable fabric bags to the Baggler family, but it all started in Maine, and The Baggler products are still manufactured here.

It's brilliant. And it sure beats stealing a shopping cart.

For online ordering information or to find a store near you that sells The Baggler, click here.


Jj Starwalker said...

While it is a nifty gadget, I think it would be much better to promote using your own, take along, reusable bags and help the plastic shopping bad become an endangered species.

After all, almost all the stores have them available now, not to mention the plethora of neat customs ones, such as these"

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