Like a Virgin

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You never forget your first time.

It happened in London — in an outdoor market, to be exact. There, Jason had his initial encounter with glass jewelry. And he didn't regret it in the morning.

When he returned to the States with a necklace — a shimmering slick of clear silica suspended like ice from delicate wires — the Maven couldn't have been happier. She had never seen anything so simple and lovely. And soon, she wanted more. Lots more. But nothing compared to the first.

Until now.

Recently, the Maven discovered Dye Lot Collective, the online forum and shop where Maggi Blue sells her handmade wares. Though Maggi also offers yarn and fabrics, what really caught our eye were the glass pendants, which so resemble our favorite from London. Her palette is undoubtedly influenced by the midcoast Maine landscape, which she calls home. If paint were her medium, the result would be predictable, but in glass, these captured colors look like liquid sunsets, gems from the ocean, ice floes. In other words, they're captivating.

It feels — and looks — like the first time.

If you follow become a fan of Dye Lot Collective on Facebook or follow @magpiecreative on Twitter, you are eligible for Free Glass Fridays — every Friday, Maggi chooses one follower at random to win one piece of jewelry of his or her choice. For more information, click here.


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