They've Got Verve

Sometimes, a delicious cut of meat comes along — or maybe it's a platter of oysters or a bowl of ice cream — and you can't stop thinking about it. No matter how hard you try to resist, it seduces your senses. We've been there. And we have a few words of advice: Use a condiment.

Thanks to Vervacious , it doesn't have to kill the mood. In fact, these gourmet sauces, spice rubs and other culinary accoutrements are the culinary equivalent of candlelight and soft music. And the stackable, Italian art glass bottles are delectable in their own right.

Vervacious is the brainchild of Heidi and Mark Stanvick, whose travels aboard their ketch, Verve, allowed them to sample the world's finest flavors at each port. Inspired by the combinations they tasted, they decided to set up shop in Biddeford's historic (and very cool, for all you shoppers and art lovers) North Dam Mill. There, they create such tantalizing products as Black Mission Fig Paste, Coffee Apple Butter, Azorean Piri-Piri Pepper Condiment and Cinque Terre Apricot Mostarda (perfect with hard cheeses). And if those aren't sexy enough, try their fresh truffles.

Our favorite is the Espresso Balsamic Drizzle. We toss it with arugula and a bit of olive oil, top the greens with rare sliced beef and crumbled bleu cheese, and then top the whole thing with a final drizzle of balsamic. The result? Heaven. As in, seven minutes in heaven.

Well, better make that 15.

To order online, visit Vervacious Company Store.


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