Peace Out

Our tie-dye days are far behind us. We haven't worn Birkenstocks in years (for the record, we never wore them with socks). And what a long, strange trip it's been since we've listened to the Grateful Dead.

But don't put the incense away just yet, because we're absolutely smitten with these peace sign T-shirts by Kendra Haskell of Scarborough. She sells them under the label Whimsy, which you may have seen at some of the state's higher-end artisan and craft shows. What we love about these tees is their girly, decidedly un-hippieish silhouette. We love Kendra's modern take on a classic. Our only regret is the need to resurrect the symbol at all.

If you want to wear them with patchouli and a patchwork skirt, that's fine. We'll be wearing ours with Sevens and a splash of something subtle, preferably from France.

No matter what your style, all we are saying is give peace a chance.

Kendra Haskell's designs can be found at One Lupine Fiber Arts (170 Park St., Bangor, 207.299.6716); Ember Grove Gallery (247-B Congress St., Portland, 207.761.0408); Wyler's (92 Exchange St., Portland, 207.775.075); and Bella Colore (27 Water St., Blue Hill, 207.374.5343). You can also find her work online at Etsy or at


LadyOTrout said...

Say it aint so - No tie dye?? Don't tell my niece I bought her a dress and she loves it!

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