Down To The Wire

Here at the Maven, we like our jewelry a bit on the unusual side. Which is why we can't help ourselves when we see bracelets made of plumbing parts, pendants made from bottle caps and earrings made from vintage buttons.

So when we discovered Tangents at the MECA craft fair in Portland last December, we were immediately taken with Michelle Grennan's designs. For the South Portland-based jeweler, wire is a muse. And the results are simple yet stunning.

Grennan's sterling designs are quite unlike the wire-wrapped jewelry we're accustomed to seeing at craft fairs, and when she uses plastic-coated electrical wire, sparks fly. Rather than looking cutesy or — worse — '80s, the brightly colored wires look elegant when molded into bold, geometric patterns.

As an aside, the new fabric-coated pendants and pins are a lively and affordable new addition to the Tangents line.

Grennan's jewelry can be found at Material Objects (500 Congress St., Portland, 207.774.1241), online at Tangents, or you can visit her studio by appointment. For information, e-mail Michelle at


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