Type A Personality

You've been eating lobster bisque and frogs' legs since you were knee high to a grasshopper. In your world, entrees don't come with fries, although they may come with frites. And though it may be un-American, you have never set foot in a Cracker Barrel, a Longhorn Steakhouse or a Cheesecake Factory. You don't do chains.

Sound familiar? Then head on over to Type A Diversions, a Portland-centric food blog in which Erin gives the straight story on Maine's best — and most overrated — restaurants. We have no idea who Erin is, although she has been described by the Portland Phoenix as a "thirtysomething," and we gather from her recent posts that she is about to have a baby. Although we'd love to meet her, we're content in the knowledge that she has unfailingly good taste in restaurants. Her detailed, straightforward reviews always include pictures, and though she is never snarky, she is always honest.

Here at the Maven, we're ruthless about food, and we've found that many of the state's critics don't share our expectations (Brooke Dojny of Down East is an exception). As eastern Maine isn't a culinary mecca by any stretch of the imagination, we've been known to travel two, even three, hours in search of a good meal. The operative word here is good, because when you're putting hundreds of miles on your car, it had better be worth the trip.

Thanks to Type A Diversions, we can be sure it will be. Whether we're dropping $30 at Pom's Thai Taste or $300 at Arrows.


Samantha Warren Weddings said...

I love Type A Diversions and always head there for her insight before we check out any new restaurant or revisit an old favorite. www.portlandfoodmap.com is another most visit for us that your readers may enjoy, though it's Portland-specific. Love the new blog!

LadyOTrout said...

Hey thanks, Maven! I used to be one of them "oth-ah Maine-ahs" and I must say the way restaurants come and go down there, I barely can keep up! I am subscribing to this blog - it is on my igoogle homepage---right next to yours! :-)

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