One Elle Of A Designer

Fashion can be funny (and we're not just talking about the revival of leggings). Every couple of decades, the staples of the Maine wardrobe suddenly become "of the moment" again. In the '90s, L.L. Bean flannels and henleys were layered and served up in the form of grunge.

Fast forward 18 or so years. If you flipped through the March issue of Elle, it would seem traditional hunting plaids are back. And on those pages, you'd also see a necklace by Belfast native Leslie Shershow, whose metalwork looks more like sculpture and less like jewelry (above image from Elle).

Shershow, a 2001 graduate of Belfast Area High School, earned her master's from the Massachusetts College of Art and now calls Somerville, Mass., home. The featured piece in Elle is from her Alaska series, which she describes as "an installation of scenes and souvenirs that illustrate stories and explorations of human conquering. In a place coined by man as 'the last frontier,' Alaska faces the threat of human exploitation. I illustrate this exploitation with issues such as hunting, tourism, mining, drilling, climbing, controlling nature, developing, etc. I am not, however, deeply rooted in my views on preserving nature, in light of the dire economic situation that Alaskans face."

To those of us in Maine, that situation sounds all too familiar. So why not support a local girl? Shershow's online galleries are stunning, and you can also find her work at Rogue's Gallery (41 Wharf St., Portland). While you're at it, check out her blog.


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