Organic Style

We don't care what T.S. Eliot says. March is the cruellest month.

We are sick of bundling up like Cartman every time we head outside. Those gorgeous boots we bought in September? Hate them. And what is up with all this snow?

Fortunately, Brook There — the eco-friendly label created by Portland's Brook DeLorme — makes spring seem not too far away. This lemon yellow dress from Brook There's spring '09 collection just about melts our icy hearts (image by Meredith Perdue, who also does amazing dog portraits).

Brook, of the mapmaking DeLormes, launched Brook There eight years ago with a commitment to sustainable textiles and local manufacturing — all of her pieces are sewn in Maine. Her elegant, exquisitely detailed designs prove that social consciousness and high fashion can go hand in hand.

And they're exactly what we all need to get through March.

Brook There clothing is available at Bliss (58 Exchange St., Portland, 879.7125); Whole Foods (2 Somerset St., Portland, 774.7711); online at Brook There; and online at Etsy (sample sale!).

In Vogue
Speaking of eco-chic, L.L. Bean has made's Most Wanted list for the week of Feb. 26. The culprit? Bean's $19.95 grocery tote. See for yourself here.


Leslie Moore said...

Hard to imagine wearing a sleeveless yellow shift in Brooksville, ME, this morning with piles of snow heaped up in our yard and a slippery slope for a driveway. But I'm glad you're ever hopeful! --from another dog artist.

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