Salty Conversation

When someone is great, solid, a real stand-up guy, you call him "the salt of the earth."

But what about salt of the sea? For those of us who hear the siren song of the Atlantic Ocean — who grew up feeling the sand (or, in many cases, pebbles) between our toes as we walked along a Maine beach — there is nothing better.

The salt of the sea tangled our hair and soothed our skin. It clung to the mist that so often shrouded our mornings before burning off in the afternoon sun. It was so much a part of life on the Maine coast that we can still taste it, even if we live miles inland now.

Of course, Quoddy Mist makes the tasting part a little easier. Here at Maine Maven, we have a bit of a salt obsession, and we usually keep three or four different kinds around to accent our cooking. But our favorite, hands down, is Quoddy Mist, harvested from the Bay of Fundy off Lubec.

It is at once simple and complex. Unlike other gourmet salts, Quoddy Mist doesn't really add a distinct mineral flavor to a dish. Instead, the light, flaky crystals intensify the flavor of whatever you're cooking, whether it's shrimp scampi or dark chocolate caramels.

Quoddy Mist is exactly the type of condiment we like: Honest. Local. Hardworking. Straightforward. If it were a person, we'd describe it as "the salt of the earth." Only better.

Quoddy Mist is widely available at supermarkets and specialty food stores throughout Maine. To order direct, click here.


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