Bee Aware

Remember when getting a buzz involved a 25-cent cups of beer and dancing on speakers at a bar within walking distance of your alma mater?

These days, you're older. More mature. With grown-up concerns. And you're into a totally different kind of buzz. For you, moms and dads, we present the Bizzy Bee.

The brainchild of former Saco-ite and Thornton Academy alum Katie Knull West (who now calls Virginia home) and her sister-in-law, the Bizzy Bee is like a baby monitor on steroids. It helps parents monitor and establish sleep routines, record feedings, and alert a caregiver to dispense meds on time. All of the data can be uploaded to a computer so parents can track trends for their pediatrician.

It's genius. And it will give parents a lot less to wonder and worry about. Plus, if you get one of these, the whole neighborhood will be abuzz.

The Bizzy Bee costs $149 and can be reserved online at ChicksWithKidz.


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