In the Cards

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (OK, we're exaggerating, South Portland is close to pretty much everything) there lived an artist named Susan Delsandro Hellier

Susan was a whimsical gal — one look at her Zaz and Moe children's clothing designs could tell you that. And she took a playful approach to color and line. Like any fairy tale princess, Susan was happy — or at least her artwork was.

Sure, she'd tell you that her children inspired her work, but we're going to guess that the real source of her happiness was her handsome prints. We're pretty happy about them, too. In bold hues and simple lines, Hellier creates sweet, sophisticated graphic art that is equally at home in a child's room or the living room. We're especially fond of her spring-inspired greeting cards, which are available on Etsy and suitable for framing.

Trust us: if you order these, you'll live happily ever after. Or, at the very least, someday, your prints will come.

For more information on Susan Delsandro Hellier's work, click here.

Both images at right copyright Susan Delsandro Hellier.


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