Basket Ball

Hop to it, Cottontail.

Easter is almost here and you're burning daylight. And let's be honest: the pickings at your friendly neighborhood big box are pretty slim (or not-so-slim, depending on where you look). Besides, the crowds are enough to drive you crazy. What's a bunny to do?

Get the hell out of wal-marché and hop along to Blue Hill.

In this beautiful seaside village, you will find one of Maine's loveliest boutiques. The Meadow of Blue Hill is the kind of place that gives the Easter Bunny a hop for his money. And Easter truly is the most wonderful time of the year here.

Owners David Caplan and Karen Brandenburg have the most exquisite taste, and nowhere is it more apparent than in their custom-made Easter baskets. They're filled with sweet surprises — whether chocolate bunnies or scented soaps — and they're so pretty you'll hardly want to open them. But you will. Or the kids will. Because the goodies inside are simply too good to resist. (Pictured basket, $70, prices vary).

So hop on down the bunny trail to Blue Hill, or, if you're nowhere near the area, call in your order at 207.374.3785. They'll ship. And you'll get to avoid all those Peeps. And peeps.

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