Pen State

It's the ultimate irony: As someone who writes for a living, The Maven often finds herself penless. Yes, it's better than penniless, but problematic nonetheless.

A scribe without a pen is like a warrior without a sword: seriously ineffective. And yet, she can't stop leaving Bics everywhere she goes.

But that wouldn't happen with one of Mike Lucien's American Heritage pens, made from salvaged wood from the Boston Garden parquet, Old Ironsides, Maine lobster traps and other cool sources (since two-thirds of the Maven team lives in Orono, and all of us are golfers, we're especially interested in the former barroom floor from the Penobscot Valley Country Club).

Made in Old Town, each pen has a story to tell, long before the writer even touches it. Looks like Mr. Lucien might just have the cure for writer's block, too. Write on!

For more information on American Heritage Pens, click here. They're available at Judy's Scrappin' and Stampin' in Orono and other fine retailers.


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