Flats domino

Guess where we saw these adorable flats.

J. Crew, perhaps? Brooks Brothers? The lovely Stiletto in Portland? Could it have been ShoeGazer in Ellsworth, our favorite little shoe store in Eastern Maine?

Um, not exactly. The flatstravaganza pictured above came from the one, the only L.L. Bean.

Yes, L.L. Bean.

Don't get us wrong. We love Bean's. In Maine, it would be a crime not to. It's just that we usually love the store's rugged boots, practical fleeces and wool socks. Looks like there's something new — and stylish — to love.

It's called the Haven Skimmer, and it will be available online and in stores in the third week of April. While we normally don't like to wait, this will give us plenty of time to decide between the yellow patent leather, the fabric lobster print and the navy dots. Although, at $64, it wouldn't kill us to buy two.

Of course, this begs the question, what will L.L. Bean come up with next? We're not holding our breath for stilettos or logo bags, but a little summer weight cashmere certainly wouldn't hurt.

For more information or to see other shoes in L.L. Bean's spring line that are available now, click here. We will update this link once the Haven Skimmer is available to order.


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