Give Mud Season The Boot

What is up with spring in Maine? Everywhere else, people get snowdrops and crocuses (croci?) and tulips. And — gasp! — grass. We get those things too. In May or June. But for now, we're stuck in the mud.

The other day, as the Maven walked across the lovely University of Maine campus in Orono (which, like every other place in Maine, is a little less lovely in March), she made the mistake of trying to take a shortcut. Whoops. Word to the wise: J. Crew leather riding boots are no match for mud season in Maine.

But, lucky for us, these Wellies from L.L. Bean are. Unlike the cheap-but-cute versions you'll find at every box store and discount chain, these won't spring a leak the second time you wear them. And as the Brits have known for centuries, they're perennially cool.

If you're feeling like an English-country-house sophisticate, we recommend the classic green model. But if you're a little more daring, try the crazy lobster and crab pattern — cute in a Lilly Pulitzer kind of way — or the preppy navy and yellow anchor pattern.

Just don't wear your favorite leather boots — unless you like the mud-streaked look. And by all means, don't take any shortcuts until June.

L.L. Bean Wellies cost $59 and are available here.


Goodwill said...

What a great post! I love fashionable wellies--there are endless wellies/ skirt possibilities!

Monique said...

Saw a "How It's Made" about patterned Wellies. It's madness! I have more respect for the fun mud boot than ever before.

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