Say Cheese

You're such a ham, you're more like a Prosciutto.

At dinner, you're the one who gets up and dances on the table — before any wine has been consumed. If there's a radio van parked in front of a car dealership, you'll pop in even if you don't need a new Honda — hey, you could get on air. And you've been known to go all red carpet on the security cameras at Target.

For you, O dramatic one, we suggest the Maine Photo Booth Co. Whether you're planning a wedding, a family party or a girls' night out, this classic metal booth is just the thing if you want to ham it up old-school.

The Bangor-based owners — Peter Small and his wife, Amber, a wedding planner who runs Sweetest Thing Weddings — will haul the booth anywhere in Maine. A five-hour package includes a CD of all of your photos, an unlimited number of those fun little photo strips in color or black and white, customized graphics and a booth attendant.

The Maine Photo Booth is perfect if you want to strike a pose — or a thousand. So give the Smalls a call. A ham like you deserves some cheese — "Say cheese," that is.

For more information about the Maine Photo Booth Co., click here or call 207.561.0529.


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