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When you think of Milo, fashion isn't the first thing that comes to mind. The Piscataquis County town is known for many things: railroading, the convergence of two rivers and, most recently, a devastating fire. But fashion? Not so much.

But when you think of Milo in Maine, a Portland-based designer of gorgeous, subtle T-shirts, eco-friendly fashion is the first thing that comes to mind. The stitch-illustrated scoopneck at right (organic cotton, $48, photo courtesy of Milo in Maine) is a favorite — its free-flowing lines remind us of the shores Ferry Beach on a calm, overcast day. But Milo's graphic designs — which have a vintage nautical feel — are equally appealing. Check out the octopus and lobster patterns at Etsy.

Milo's offerings for little ones are too cool for school — why not start your kids off on the right foot with organic style?

Fashionable fun for the whole family — from Milo. Who would've guessed?


lizzie lou said...

Thanks for the mention! It's an honor to be featured on such a lovely, well-written site.

(Liz of Milo in Maine)

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