The Rain In Maine

Question: What's worse than a rainstorm after 14 inches of snow?

Answer: Dropping your purse in a slush puddle.

This time of year is a complete crapshoot when it comes to weather, and for those of us who are on the clumsy side, it can be downright dangerous. Walking to the car each morning becomes an obstacle course: Step over a puddle and slip on an ice slick. Slip on an ice slick and send the entire contents of your bag flying all over the driveway.

Accessories Unlimited can help. Not with your clumsiness, mind you, but with your stuff. The Westbrook-based company, long known for its beautiful fabric bags, offers an entire line of totes, duffels, garment bags and satchels in waterproof Raincoat Cotton. And they're stunning. The Maven has a weakness for pretty patterned totes (see her latest Angela Adams obsession here), and these bright, elegant bags might just be her new prints charming.

But they're not just for gals. Guys will appreciate the handsome, manly looking, waterproof Sailwax collection — the bag equivalent of a Barbour jacket.

They're the perfect antidote to our impending mud season — and your klutzy ways.

To view the full line of Accessories Unlimited products, click here or visit the retail store at 58 Main St. in Freeport.


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