Gardeners' Eden

Things we love about Maine: Nice people. Stunning scenery. Amazing seafood.

Things we don't love about Maine: Winter. Winter. Winter.

We can't really do much to change the weather — except, as the saying goes, wait a minute. But we can do something to temporarily forget the single-digit temperature: read Lynn Karlin and Rebecca Sawyer-Fay's Gardens Maine Style: Act II (Down East).

This follow-up to the wildly popular Gardens Maine Style features great writing by magazine veteran Sawyer-Fay (The New Yorker and Better Homes & Gardens are among her credits) and stunning photography by Karlin (you may have seen her work in Coastal Living or a BH&G gardening publication).

With super-star gardens from the Atlantic to the western mountains, this book is just the thing to melt your winter-weary heart. Even if you don't have a green thumb. And, unlike that Japanese maple you splurged on last summer, you don't need to wrap it in burlap when the mercury drops.

Gardens Maine Style: Act II is available at bookstores or by clicking here.


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