It's The Balm

Your nostrils are frozen shut. Your lips look like you just made out with a cheese grater. And despite the fact that you resemble a serial killer in it, the neoprene face mask is starting to look better and better.

Negative 30 is not a temperature anyone should experience. Ever. And yet, there you are, freezing your ass off again, trying to get the car to start. Why do you live like this? Maybe you're paying the penance for another gorgeous summer in Maine. Maybe it's because you're so hot Mother Nature wants you to cool down a bit. Maybe you're just crazy.

We have no idea. But we do know this: No matter how cold it gets here, dry skin doesn't have to be a part of the equation, thanks to Mad Gab's. A Maine winter is no match for the Westbrook company's all-natural line of balms for hands, feet, pregnant bellies and faces — for all you skiers and lobstermen.

The Moose Smooch is so powerful, it could even help you head off an apocalips.

But it can't change the weather.

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MBouchard said...

I love the Mad Gabs Cranberry - I keep a tin of it in my bedside table so when I wake at night in the winter with dry lips, I can be soothed and go back to sleep. Plus, it doesn't taste (or smell) like a plastic fruit stand. It is great stuff.

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