The bee's knees

You love to eavesdrop on dinner conversations. And you can't help but peek over people's shoulders as they tap away on their iPhones. But a spy's life can be so tiresome, not to mention dangerous (James Bond, anyone?) So we have a few words of advice:

Mind your own beeswax.

It won't be hard once you've tried Sandra Hare-Estabrook's Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful toiletries. We must admit — we're not wild about the name or the packaging. But we couldn't be happier with the natural blends of beeswax, vegetable and nut oils and flower extracts, handcrafted in small batches in Houlton. We especially love the "Natural Baby Bum Balm," a shea butter blend that doubles as a mean hand cream.

The only problem is, it's so rich, it leaves a telltale film on your hands, which means you'll leave fingerprints everywhere. Looks like your spying days are over, 007.

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