Etiquette 101

Way to make an impression on the in-laws.

You blew it at Christmas dinner, when you tried to eat steak with your salad fork. Breaking great-grandma's Waterford stemware? Awesome. Oh, and hubby's neocon uncle didn't exactly find the humor in your Bill O' Reilly impression, either. But thanks to Annie Darling and Catherine Breer, there's still time to save your manners-challenged ass.

Their Annie|Catherine line of stationery is the perfect backdrop for the effusive and apologetic thank-you notes you're about to write. The company, based in Westbrook, features original artwork and graphics by Darling and Breer, priNted on recycled paper in a facility that is entirely powered by wind. Not to be confused with the religious debate you and your M-I-L had over dessert, which was entirely powered by wine.

Annie|Catherine's cards are so pretty, so elegant, that they may just make everyone forget the spectacle you made over the holidays. But you'd better not wait too long. Otherwise, your in-laws are going to start to think you're like school on Saturday...

No class.

For more information or to order Annie|Catherine cards, click here.


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