Treats, Not Tricks

Chew on this: Last year, thousands of stores had to pull animal food — including dog treats — from their shelves because they were tainted with melamine.

That bites. But it would never happen with Barkwheats. These all-natural biscuits are the creation of Chris Roberts and Renee Johnson of Stockton Springs, and they're good enough for humans to eat. The ingredients read like a hippie's shopping list: buckwheat flour, free-range organic eggs, safflower oil, ginger, parsley, sea vegetable and chamomile — and almost everything is from Maine. The packaging isn't just recyclable, you can actually toss it on the compost pile. Oh, and the bags are made from wood pulp, which means you can pop 'em in the woodstove once Fido is full.

At $9.50 a box, they're a little pricier than your average bone. But after last year's scare, the peace of mind is worth it, especially if you care about sustainability and supporting local farmers and producers.

In other words, it's a doggie do.

For a full list of Barkwheats retailers, or to order online, click here.


Renee & Chris said...

Thank you for recommending Barkwheats to your readers! We are really proud that we can offer Maine-made, gluten free treats that are healthy for dogs and the environment! Happy holidays!

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