The Right Stuff

First time was a Moxie
Second time was a bear
Third time Uncle Henry's
Now it's everywhere

You can send 'em to your friends
The excitement never ends
Just log on to Facebook
and give a virtual Allen's

You've got the Maine Stuff, baby
Loved the Mad Gab's Lobster balm
You've got the Maine Stuff, baby
Sending Cindy Blodgett can't be wrong

Like everyone else I know, I am completely addicted to Facebook. And once I discovered Maine Stuff, I loved it even more. Created by Elizabeth Reed, this little application allows Facebookers who love the Pine Tree State to send virtual lobsters, red hot dogs and whoopie pies to their friends.

If you're a UMaine fan, you can give the gift of Cindy Blodgett, Garth Snow or Bananas the Bear. Ready for lunch? Treat your BFF to poutine, Humpty Dumpty ketchup chips or an Amato's Italian. And nothing says "I love you" like a blue tarp and an Uncle Henry's.

With more than 25,000 active monthly users, Maine Stuff clearly has the right stuff. If you're not one of them, sign up now. And if you're not on Facebook, it's not too late to join.

After all, it's cool to be the new kid on the block.


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