What about Bob?

In college, a pre-party wasn't complete without Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" cranked up on the stereo. Well, that and too much Natty Light (and, really, one sip is too much).

Despite the fact that we'd belt out disco like it was going out of style, none of my friends would've survived on "Survivor." We were either too bitchy, too high-maintenance or, in my case, too camping-averse. This could be the reason why I've never really followed the show.

But it's also the reason why Bob Crowley's win last night is so sweet. Bob, a teacher from South Portland, outsmarted and outplayed everyone — fake idols? Genius — despite the fact that he was older than everyone else and wears a bow tie.

So today's Maven missal goes out to Bob. You did survive. In style.


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