Beauty school dropout

If they gave out grades for hairstyling, you would've failed miserably.

Your high school perm was not exactly H for outstanding (how H became the letter for "outstanding," we'll never understand). Though your claw bangs did deserve an A for effort, the look was below average. And even though you dug Bob Marley in college, the dreadlocks were definitely a hair-don't.

Clearly, you should've attended the University of Mane. No, that wasn't a typo, it's the latest and greatest from the lock-smiths at Origins. We have to admit — the name won us over. But so did the idea of smart-looking hair that doesn't look stiff ... or worse.

It's not exactly rocket science, and it might not fully erase your past mistakes. But if you study hard and actually do the homework, you'll earn your M.S. (master's of styling) in no time.

Visit Origins for details.


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