Pop The Cork

Nobody would ever accuse you of being bubbly.

Nope. You're too hip for that.

Holiday cheer? Bo-ring. Three-week Caribbean cruise? You'd rather die. On your iPod? Obscure bands that nobody's ever heard of, natch.

Finally, you have something to get if not excited, then at least a little less blasé about: Blacksmiths sparkling wines. Hell, it's almost New Year's Eve, and if ever there were a time to break out the bubbles, it's now.

So let's get to it: The South Casco-based winery turns out sparklers in three flavors: blueberry, cranberry and peach. The blueberry varietal includes 75 percent Maine blueberries, which we adore — I mean, we kind of like; the cranberry is sold out, if that tells you anything; and peach is more of a summer wine, so we're not even going to touch that.

Crack open a bottle on New Year's Eve and you might just add another resolution to your list: Be more enthusiastic in 2009.

What. Ever.

For a list of retailers that carry Blacksmiths Winery products, click here.


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